Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Canisters Schmanisters!

Now we had the fake-out at the airport to cover for the canisters, but is that really the plot? Nerve gas?

Surely the nerve gas situation is also the cover for a third or fourth layer of devilment from the main terrorist guy who uses his cell phone a lot.

So let's leave speculations in this strand's comments!

I'm wondering what other manuscript inconsistencies President Palmer's brother will find, or are they just going to write him off the show?

I remember last season, when bitchy lady running CTU with the crazy kid had her kid slash her wrists. Edgar noticed an INCONSISTENCY in the coverage of the doctors, but it was just a red herring...

Is that what they did to the brother, or will he discover something?


After last night's show, I am just left wondering at the profound ineptitude of media-pandering President Manilow.

His character perfectly embodies all that makes me angry about stupid people!

At the end of the day, will he really still be the President? Surely he needs to have a break-down, or a comprehensive ass-whooping!

Monday, January 30, 2006

More Republican Conspiracies

I just found this on Wikipedia:

Season 5

* Senator John McCain (R-AZ) is scheduled to make a cameo appearance in the episode scheduled to be broadcast February 6, 2006. According to USA Today, McCain will have a non-speaking role as an unidentified bureaucrat who delivers a file folder to Audrey Raines, the character portrayed by Kim Raver. [5]

More evidence of 24 as Republican propoganda for supporting a government takeover of basic rights to fight "terror"?

Sunday, January 29, 2006


So we all remember when the Google Satellite images were released. Everyone started looking at the view of their rooftops from outerspace. A royal waste of time, but cool anyway.

Yesterday, I'm on the phone with Steve, and he forces me to download Google Earth. What an even more fabulous waste of life!

Now, I can have the whole Earth satellite mapped on my desktop. I can type an address, and the earth will spin around and zoom me into any location. For no reason whatsoever, I spent some actual breathing moments looking at Bagdad, Paris, Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles, and my house.

But now, absolutely superb wastes of passing seconds on God's Earth have merged with 24!

Meet JackTracker!

What is JackTracker, you ask? Just think Google Earth Satellite interfacing mixed with key locations from each Season of 24, complete with screen shots from the program and commentary on if the location exists.


Saturday, January 28, 2006

Jack's Ethics at In These Times

In These Times has an interesting cover story this week about the ethics of 24. I thought I'd comment on this paragraph:

It is here that we encounter the series' fundamental ideological lie: In spite of this thoroughly ruthless attitude of self-instrumentalization, the CTU agents, especially Jack, remain "warm human beings," caught in the usual emotional dilemmas of "normal" people. They love their wives and children, they suffer jealousy--but at a moment's notice they are ready to sacrifice their loved ones for their mission. They are something like the psychological equivalent of decaffeinated coffee, doing all the horrible things the situation necessitates, yet without paying the subjective price for it.

Jack has never been willing to sacrifice his loved ones at a moment's notice for the mission. In fact, much of the series has been Jack trying to figure out how to protect his loved ones will still carrying out the mission.

Too bad the writer doesn't actually watch the show. He makes some interesting points, but they are not based on a familiarity with the program, it seems.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Internal Affairs

Chloe continues to be one of the most quirky and fascinating characters this season. She has a very strange relationship with Edgar. Edgar, who has gained 100 pounds in 18 months, seems very jealous of Chloe's personal life. He was hurt that he didn't know Jack was alive. He was even more hurt that he didn't know jack about Chloe's office fling with Spencer. Chloe with her patented annoyed scowl drops a zinger on Edgar saying, "OK, When we find the nerve gas and the alert level drops, we can have some chamomile tea and I'll tell you all my secrets."

Was Spencer's "internal affair" with Chloe a part of his job? Was he serving the president or himself?

The Hobbit

OK... I can now remember that the Hobbit's name is "Lyn," but I can't remember the last name. But despite the blogosphere hating him when he first showed, I maintain that this is a new kind character addicted to protocol -- one who knows what's what in terms of Jack.

He got Jack cleared, and when Jack said he didn't work for CTU, and that he would personally get that guy out of the White House, Hobbit didn't freak out or something. More points to him.

When Jack was about to get a pair of surgical scissors in the face, I was expecting Tony to wake up for a short show of ass kicking. I mean, dude got shot in the neck in season three and was out on the beat a few hours later.

It really is too bad about Michelle. There were not many characters like here on TV: smart, sexy, and able to kick ass -- all at the same time!

Nothing like DOD girlfriend from last season. (God, I can't ever remember names!) She was really hurt by redhead's line: "I just accepted Jack for who he was."

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Just found this at Google Video

Stupid 24 Stuff

OK... We can't really post again until Monday (and BTW, Cyberspace, this coming week will mark the proper launch of this blog -- so watch out!), but in the meanwhile here are some 24 related tidbits:

*The 24 Clock

I've never downloaded it, since it looks pretty stupid -- but I like knowing it exists.

I just learned that Jack Bauer is the voice-over for the new Intel-inside-Mac commerical.

Now, though I admittedly don't know Jack about computer processing chips, I am nonetheless bothered (for reasons I can't even figure out) that Macs will have the "Intel inside."

First, there'd better never be one of those stupid stickers on a Mac.

But does this move make Macs more likely to inherit any of the viruses I always hear about plaguing the PC world?

Maybe the 24 writers were in on this move: they edit the show on a Mac, the good guys in the show all use Macs, but they are always talking about getting the latest "intel."

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Jack in the news

There was a good article today in the SJ Mercury News

The link is here

Friday, January 20, 2006

Am I crazy?

If I am watching TV, and if I see a commercial for 24 start up, I will actually plug my ears and cover my eyes until it goes away. I hate having anything ruined.

Besides, they always make the commercials look like one thing is happening, but it's different by the time the show comes around. That really makes me angry for some reason.

But that image of myself, like a child, plugging my ears and covering my eyes.

Am I crazy?

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Family Disciplinary Protocols

New addition to the Family Disciplinary Protocols Handbook:

Section 23
Clause 3

The following Disciplinary Action Command is to be spoken when properly justified under the following protocol violations:


Possible Application Protocols:

1) refusal to finish dinner that has been certified to be in accordance with CTU non-toxic materials protocols

2) refusal to finish homework about proper protocols for understanding US history and religion

3) refusal to do chores as prescribe by family protocol procedures posted on the refridgerator

4) refusal to get back in the car when leaving from a vacation in order to get back to work at CTU

5) refusal to clean room in compliance with CTU standards to non-threatening material and objects to be found in home

6) refusal to be ready in time for church to listen to Rev. Jack Bauer teach about "The 7 Deadly Protocols"

7) refusal to go to school in CTU sanctioned mode of transportation, IE - dad's truck

8) refusal to go to bed at the proper time, using the proper CTU certified non-flammable PJ's

9) refusal to stop hitting/teasing/tormenting/annoying siblings and/or parents in ways out of compliance with CTU protocols

10) refusal to give dad a kiss when he comes home from work

11) refusal to consent to school protocols regarding behavior, dress, respect, and responsibilities

12) refusal to watch future episodes from Season 15 of the hit series "24"

13) refusal to turn in suspicious diaper deposits to CTU as possible terrorist threats

14) refusal to report bullies on the playground to Jack Bauer

15) refusal to flush toilets in order to dispose of toxic chemicals that could otherwise be used as a "dirty bomb"

16) refusal to brush teeth in order to be in compliance with CTU hygiene protocols

17) refusal to use deodorant when that point in life finally comes

18) refusal to employ the proper "Under Duress" code when explaining to teacher why homework was not completed in compliance with CTU protocols

19) refusal to report to "The District" when any of the above protocol violations have not be properly reported to Mr. Lyn McGill

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Shoulder Tattoo!

At least Chloe made it out alive. I have always liked that awkward and uptight character. I remember, about a year or two ago, when Kelsey Grammar had some comedy show. It think it was called “The Sketch Comedy Show,” or something. It didn’t last very long, but Chloe (I forget her name in real life) was on the staff as a comedic actress. I just couldn’t get over it. She looked like she really wanted to be an uptight techie the whole time.

In any event, it’s good to know that someone finally had a chance to bone her…

This is the first season when I have actually been reminded of the fact that Chloe is a woman!

The script just never invites you to think of her that way. But she is an attractive woman. I’ll admit it.

She’s always been the perfect mix of techie nerd and bad-ass. This isn’t the first time she’s armed herself and taken an assignment on the street. I think it was season two when she blew away some guy with a semi-automatic of some sort.

And what about Edgar? Is he jealous of that new techie guy? Poor Edgar. I hope I never see him wearing a nighty with a tatoo on his shoulder…

Monday, January 16, 2006

Jack is Back!

The first episode of 24 lived up to the hype. Although no one was tortured, all the elements of the last season were there: broken bones, explosions, plot twists, dubious loyalites, and fantastic surprises. What is most remarkable about 24 is the ability of the show to catch your attention in the first minute of the show and hold it until the final second.

As Wayne Palmer said, "There's going to be a lot of questions about Sherry," a bullet penetrated David Palmer's neck. Although I was sorry to see President Palmer assassinated, I'm glad that I won't have to rehash questions about Sherry. Minutes later Michelle was taken out by a car bomb. Sadly, another favorite character, Tony Almadea was nailed by a secondary explosion. Just moments earlier he was sipping coffee from his familiar Cubs mug. President Logan continues to be a slimy wet rat. He is more concerned about losing media focus on the "defining moment" of his presidedency than Palmer's death. How dare Palmer stand by a window on such an important day!

Bauer is Blunt

Jack Bauer gets to the point when he tells the kid, "The only reason you are still conscious is because I don't want to carry you."

As Wayne Palmer said, "There's going to be a lot of questions about Sherry," a bullet penetrated David Palmer's neck. Although I was sorry to see President Palmer assassinated, I'm glad that I won't have to rehash questions about Sherry. Minutes later Michelle was taken out by a car bomb. Sadly, another favorite character, Tony Almadea was nailed by a secondary explosion. Just moments earlier he was sipping coffee from his familiar Cubs mug. President Logan continues to be a slimy wet rat. He is more concerned about losing media focus on the "defining moment" of his presidedency than Palmer's death. How dare Palmer stand by a window on such an important day!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

I like the new guy!

I can’t even remember his name, but I recognize the dude from the movie Rudy. And I have to admit it—I like him!

Usually, CTU directors are so irritating because their adherence to protocol prevents the right thing from happening. So the writers are up to something with this guy. I mean, his popularity among the staff reminds me of Chappelle from the earlier seasons. (I’m sure that’s not how you spell it, but you all know who I mean!)

So the signals are for us to rank this dude with the evil tyrants of the past. But he’s different. He has that Chloe awkwardness, but he did the right thing—he looked up the old protocols and saved the day by recognizing Jack’s duress signal.

I’m eager to see how he acts when they bring Jack back to CTU…

Pre-24 Jitters

I have nothing but deep sympathy for my East coast friends who missed the first 10 minutes of 24 because of a football game. After waiting for months for the season to begin, I can only imagine the angst of losing any time. I wait with trepidation for the next installment to begin on the left coast. I am filled with questions:

  • Can the makers of 24 keep it going? Can they keep producing a fantastic show without it becoming too far fetched?

  • What new characters will emerge? Will they be as compelling as Chloe and Tony Almada?

  • Will I continue to have trouble sleeping after watching an episode?

  • Should I really dedicate 24 hours of my life to another season?

Palmer's Dead!

(Thank god they delayed the beginning of the show after the football game!)

When I saw Palmer on the screen I was so pleased—I had read an article about a month ago concerning which characters were returning. Now, I generally do a good job not reading anything about the season (I like everything being a total surprise), but sometimes I slip. In any event, the article did not mention that Palmer would return. So, like I said, when I saw him on screen I was pleased. He is such a great character!

But then, as we all know by now—BAM!

Palmer’s dead. Period. No amazing recovery. No chance of survival. He’s been laying in a pool of blood for two hours now. It’s over. He’s gone.

And Michelle, too! After what they did to us with her in season three over that whole virus—it just doesn’t seem right to kill her so quickly! Surely Tony will live. I mean, they can’t just clean out all the best characters, can they?