Sunday, January 22, 2006

Stupid 24 Stuff

OK... We can't really post again until Monday (and BTW, Cyberspace, this coming week will mark the proper launch of this blog -- so watch out!), but in the meanwhile here are some 24 related tidbits:

*The 24 Clock

I've never downloaded it, since it looks pretty stupid -- but I like knowing it exists.

I just learned that Jack Bauer is the voice-over for the new Intel-inside-Mac commerical.

Now, though I admittedly don't know Jack about computer processing chips, I am nonetheless bothered (for reasons I can't even figure out) that Macs will have the "Intel inside."

First, there'd better never be one of those stupid stickers on a Mac.

But does this move make Macs more likely to inherit any of the viruses I always hear about plaguing the PC world?

Maybe the 24 writers were in on this move: they edit the show on a Mac, the good guys in the show all use Macs, but they are always talking about getting the latest "intel."


Blogger Steve Scott said...

Jason, I haven't laughed that hard since C. of Dunces.

10:27 PM  

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