Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Hobbit

OK... I can now remember that the Hobbit's name is "Lyn," but I can't remember the last name. But despite the blogosphere hating him when he first showed, I maintain that this is a new kind character addicted to protocol -- one who knows what's what in terms of Jack.

He got Jack cleared, and when Jack said he didn't work for CTU, and that he would personally get that guy out of the White House, Hobbit didn't freak out or something. More points to him.

When Jack was about to get a pair of surgical scissors in the face, I was expecting Tony to wake up for a short show of ass kicking. I mean, dude got shot in the neck in season three and was out on the beat a few hours later.

It really is too bad about Michelle. There were not many characters like here on TV: smart, sexy, and able to kick ass -- all at the same time!

Nothing like DOD girlfriend from last season. (God, I can't ever remember names!) She was really hurt by redhead's line: "I just accepted Jack for who he was."


Blogger Bea Scott said...


8:48 AM  
Blogger Wilke said...

In regards to her name, I just affectionately refer to her as Droopy face - watch her in the next show and tell me I am wrong - I defy anyone to do so!

11:43 AM  
Blogger The Dean of Cincinnati said...

Drop "face," and let's just go with Droopy.

If you haven't checked the Dave Barry 24 blog link on the front page, you should. He has great fake names for everyone, like President Manilow!

1:22 PM  

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