Sunday, January 15, 2006

Palmer's Dead!

(Thank god they delayed the beginning of the show after the football game!)

When I saw Palmer on the screen I was so pleased—I had read an article about a month ago concerning which characters were returning. Now, I generally do a good job not reading anything about the season (I like everything being a total surprise), but sometimes I slip. In any event, the article did not mention that Palmer would return. So, like I said, when I saw him on screen I was pleased. He is such a great character!

But then, as we all know by now—BAM!

Palmer’s dead. Period. No amazing recovery. No chance of survival. He’s been laying in a pool of blood for two hours now. It’s over. He’s gone.

And Michelle, too! After what they did to us with her in season three over that whole virus—it just doesn’t seem right to kill her so quickly! Surely Tony will live. I mean, they can’t just clean out all the best characters, can they?


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