Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Shoulder Tattoo!

At least Chloe made it out alive. I have always liked that awkward and uptight character. I remember, about a year or two ago, when Kelsey Grammar had some comedy show. It think it was called “The Sketch Comedy Show,” or something. It didn’t last very long, but Chloe (I forget her name in real life) was on the staff as a comedic actress. I just couldn’t get over it. She looked like she really wanted to be an uptight techie the whole time.

In any event, it’s good to know that someone finally had a chance to bone her…

This is the first season when I have actually been reminded of the fact that Chloe is a woman!

The script just never invites you to think of her that way. But she is an attractive woman. I’ll admit it.

She’s always been the perfect mix of techie nerd and bad-ass. This isn’t the first time she’s armed herself and taken an assignment on the street. I think it was season two when she blew away some guy with a semi-automatic of some sort.

And what about Edgar? Is he jealous of that new techie guy? Poor Edgar. I hope I never see him wearing a nighty with a tatoo on his shoulder…


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