Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Internal Affairs

Chloe continues to be one of the most quirky and fascinating characters this season. She has a very strange relationship with Edgar. Edgar, who has gained 100 pounds in 18 months, seems very jealous of Chloe's personal life. He was hurt that he didn't know Jack was alive. He was even more hurt that he didn't know jack about Chloe's office fling with Spencer. Chloe with her patented annoyed scowl drops a zinger on Edgar saying, "OK, When we find the nerve gas and the alert level drops, we can have some chamomile tea and I'll tell you all my secrets."

Was Spencer's "internal affair" with Chloe a part of his job? Was he serving the president or himself?


Blogger The Dean of Cincinnati said...

Sassy Chloe! Her characte is changing this year!

I guess the sex really had an affect on her from last night...

2:52 AM  

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